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DORCO, protecting the environment

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As global industrialization progressed, human life began to become easier and more comfortable. Unfortunately, that comfort took priority over the environment and pollution,

and now we are facing the disastrous consequences. Now is the time for us to step forward, and do what is needed to further protect our planet from harm and to help it heal.

As a global company, DORCO is fully aware of its social responsibility and is preparing several eco-friendly projects to save the planet.

The first of these is incorporating shaving packages made of sustainable materials to reduce the use of plastic.


Up until recently, DORCO has been providing consumers innovative products contained in Double Sided Blister packaging.

For this type of packaging, the front, back, and label are all made of plastic to ensure product safety and protection during delivery.

However, after realizing the threat plastic waste causes to oceans and marine life, DORCO introduced the One Sided Blister, which consists of paper on the front.

This type of packaging is more environmentally friendly as it reduces the amount of plastic used on the package and label by 50% compared to Double Sided Blister packaging.

Using paper for the label and front side of the packaging instead of plastic, was the optimal choice as the unique durability of the paper does compromise the protection of the razor

as it is delivered to customers. DORCO can also package according to the needs of retailers through collaboration of the in-house Design Team and Packaging Team.

In fact, DORCO currently supplies some products to retailers with 100% paper packages that reduce plastic use to 0%.


Through the sustainable razor package project, DORCO will contribute to protecting the environment improving efforts for sustainability by

reducing plastic production and producing more environmentally friendly paper-based shaving packages.